Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Meine Top 10 Textzeilen aus Tom Waits Songs

Tom Waits ist cool. Okay, genug Einführung.

10. Underground
"They're alive, they're awake-while the rest of the world is asleep! Below the mine shaft roads, it will all unfold, there's a world going on: Underground."

9. Day after Tomorrow
"What I'm trying to say,
Is don't they pray
To the same God that we do?
Tell me, how does God choose?
Whose prayers does he refuse?
Who turns the wheel?
And who throws the dice
On the day after tomorrow?"

8. King Kong
"And Ray Harryhousen said, that when Willis died-that's when the King was really dead"

7. Misery is the River of the World
"God builds a church. The devil builds a chapel"

6. In the Neighbourhood
"And the goddamn delivery trucks, they make too much noise-and we don't get our butter delivered no more."

5. Heartattack and Vine
"Don't you know there ain't no devil? There's just God when he's drunk."

4. Eyeball Kid
"How does he Dream? How does he think? When he can't even speak, and he can't even blink?"

3. I don't wanna grow up
"I don't wanna have to shout it out, I don't want my hair to fall out, I don't wanna be filled with doubt, I don't wanna be a good boy scout, I don't wanna have to learn to count, I don't wanna have the biggest amount, I don't wanna grow up!"

2. God's away on business
"Who are the ones that we kept in charge? Killers, thieves and LAWYERS!"

1. Bad Liver and a Broken Heart
"I don't have a drinking problem, except when I can't get a drink."

Bis dann, AAA

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  1. eine gute liste WENN NICHT DAS BESTE FEHLEN WÜRDE!!!
    christmas card from a hooker is voll von geilen zitaten!!!
    vor allem eines: "...i would buy me a used car lot and wouldn't sell any of 'em, just drive me a different car every day, depending on how i feel."

    das beste.

    ansonsten bin ich einverstanden!