Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

Wenn mein Blog auf englisch wäre

OMG, Motte really had right! Something english i don't understand, but act like I understand it IS ohsome!
Oh my god, I am not belifing it, Motte really had right when he was saying that this thing I am not going to talk about because I don't understand the language IS ohsome!

My Inception Theory
I watched the movie in english (without subtitles because im so cool) and did'nt understand one single word, so I really don't have a theory besides that Leonardo DiCaprio survived the Titanic and finds himself on a strange beach full of scary women and old chinese men...twice.

ComicReview: Batman R.I.P.
I read that comic in english (because I am so hardcore) and did'nt understand it at all, so I read it on german, and still don't get it.

Blitzspielen Attack-Episode 10
This games are frikkin awesome! Especially because I am to poor to buy real games.

My Top 5 Movie Quotes 
5. That thing from Psycho with the mother, that I only know in german.
4. That sentence from the Godfather, where he says the thing with the deal.
3. That quote from High fidelity, which is funny. Ha Ha.
2. That quote from the movie I watched in english, but I can't remember it, I just put it up because Edward Norton said it.
1. Another quote from High Fidelity, because im a whore for that movie. *Obivious Self Irony*

Game Review: Tomb Raider and the Angel of Darkness
The game sucks balls, but Lara Croft is kind of sexy in her polygon glory, and she moans when moving. 5 from 5 stars.

[Insert Funny Collegehumor Video here*
[Insert unfunny sentence about the video here]

Entry about Walter
F*ck you, you f*cking f*cker. Well, I don't know any other bad words in english. That's it. Oh, and Bill Murray is cool.

If my blog were german...
...I would probably just have around 10 readers, ha ha.

Advertisment for Tam Orange
I don't understand the lyrics, but I like the way he has drawn me. SUBSCRIBE!!!

My new Youtube Video
"So you all know that song from Inception...NONSCHEINEGRETEJO"

[Insert religios theme here]
[Insert bad rant with only the word "F*ck" used here]

Portrait out of Quotes: Mel Gibson
[Insert rant about the jews here]

Bis dann, AAA


  1. wow, das war richtig gut!


  2. Es ist schockierend: Bei diesem Eintrag dachte ich beim Schreiben das jeder kommen wird um zu sagen: "Mann war das dämmlich", doch jetzt scheint es jeder irgendwie zu mögen.

    Bis dann, AAA